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Name's Noah Puckerman, but you'll call me Puck unless you're one of the few that's managed to pester me enough to call me something else. I am eighteen year old senior at McKinley High in lame ass Lima, Ohio. I'm young stud, sure, but I've got a ton of experience under my belt in a lot of things from what life's handed me. Even with the crap that's come with it, it's a good life and I'm still living it to the fullest with the ones that matter like the hot and beautiful chick I get to call my girlfriend, but you just get to call her Quinn Fabray. There's also the HBIC lesbro known as the one and only Santana Lopez and 'course the best bro to ever bro, Finn Hudson. I'm a proud father of a kid who's gonna do awesome things in life even if I can't be there, and the bad ass older brother of Sarah Puckerman who you don't wanna mess with. It's pretty clear now that I'm not gonna be stuck here, that's a plan that won't be changing.


remember that time santana got crown homecoming king and the gossip blog told everyone 

remember the gossip blog

i bet the gossip blog was dan humphery

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Anonymous asked: "what would you do if he did join?"

Be pissed he didn’t tell me.

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Anonymous asked: "Your 'best bro' wants to join the army."

He told me he’s looking in to colleges at New York. Making plans to party it up with me when we visit each other and everything.

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I really don’t know how to feel about graduation.


Wafflegirl, ha. Good times. You’ll definitely be missed, Puckerman.

Yep, it was something that involved me so that’s no surprise. You’ll be missed, too, Har. Be sure to keep New Directions as a family, you’re basically the next Rachel.



Yeah, I knew you would, too. Oh really, you’d drink some drinks on my behalf? Good to know you’re so thoughtful.

I am so thoughtful, I know. Don’t be discouraged.

I’m not, I’m not. Looking forward to it. Where are you going after we’re outta here anyway?



You almost convinced me on that one, glad you’re not sticking here man. You got in to a place in NY? Way to go, Hudson. What are you doing there? I’m heading to New Haven, going to a JC there in the spring after I get a job in the fall and living in my own place. I’m gonna go look for apartments during the summer.

Not sure yet, I’ll figure that out in the last couple of months. How far is New Haver from New York? Because you’re stupid if you think you’re getting rid of me because we’re not living in the same city. 

Let me know Hudson so I can come by and be your party partner some weekends. New Haven’s not even two hours from New York so trust me, dude, we’ll be seeing each other and you know I ain’t stupid.

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All this talk about graduation is kind of upsetting.


That won’t be for awhile but you can definitely count on it happening! Of course, I’m going to need mailing addresses so everyone can get some tickets. I really hope not. After everything all of us have been through it would be rather silly to just forget everyone.

You never know, it could happen sooner than you think. You’ve got major talent, Rach. You’ll get the address to my place once I get it, promise, but you better visit then, too. It would be, but it won’t happen. Unless someone loses their memory… again.



Quinn let out a small giggle, unwrapping her arms around his neck and grabbing one of his hands that had been resting on her waist. She guided him inside, closing the front door and locking it before taking them to the living room and sitting down. Deciding to make it a bit different today, she laid her head down on his lap and extended her legs on the rest of the couch. “What’s going to happen in New Haven? I mean, I know you’re getting a job and I’ll be attending Yale, but what about us? As in a couple?” She looked up at him, lips pursed to a side. It was a whole different thing that hadn’t crossed her mind as much with everything currently going on. Prom was just around the corner along with graduation, and the two kittens had also been on her mind along with the mohawked boy that she was currently conversing with. “We won’t be able to spend as much time together as we do now since I’ll be busy with school work and studying, and you’ll be working eventually. It’s not like we’ll see each other at nights either since I’ll be staying on campus. And what about the kittens? Will you be able to manage with Kiara even if she does chew on your shoes?” The blonde sighed, “Sorry that I keep rambling on and on, it’s just that we’ll be moving soon and the whole feeling is just starting to kick in. We won’t be in Lima anymore. This is where everything went on—where I cheated on Finn with you and Beth happened, where the truth finally got out and then we ignored each other for a whole year, where I was a girl with pink hair and leather clothes, and where we got together after some ups and downs. And now we’re just leaving it all behind to go somewhere we don’t know and have no idea what will happen there.” Her hand went to grab one of his, lacing their fingers together. “I just really love you.”

Where ever Quinn’s little ramble came from was lost on Puck, but that wasn’t entirely out of the ordinary with them. She worried, that was just something Quinn did and Puck loved that about her. He loved everything about the blond resting her head on his lap and lacing their fingers together, telling him she loved him after expressing all her thoughts out verbally. He enjoyed when she did that, when she communicated with him about whatever the hell she wanted to say. It made him feel important, oddly enough. Like she wanted to talk to him about anything and everything which was a huge step up from when they hadn’t talked a whole year and then some.With Quinn’s head on Puck’s lap, he let his free hand touch the top of her head while looking down at her. “We’re gonna make it work because I just really love you, too.” He reassured first thing, somewhat teasing her as well. “The fuzzballs are gonna stay with me, I can come on campus to visit you or you can come over to me, especially when it’s late and you’re stressing over whatever. I’ll be your date to parties, and when you can go out. We can webcam whenever it’s possible. Point is, I’m gonna be there and we got this.” He was possibly over simplifying things, but he did mean what he told her all the same, “You and me, everyday.” He tacked on, his face looking mock serious and his tone also a false emotional due to him tapping in to his inner Noah from The Notebook with his last words just to poke a little fun.

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Crazy to think about, huh? But c’mon Anderson, us New Directions ain’t ever gonna not be bonded. Been through a lot.

You guys have been through a lot, BUT i’m kind of late to the party so I don’t know if that applies to me very much.

You’re not late enough to not be apart of everything, dude. It’s basically like once in ND, always in ND. I bet we’ll see each other again, who wouldn’t wanna see this good looking face of mine as often as possible?

All this talk about graduation is kind of upsetting.


It just hit me that this will be our last year performing together. It will be the last time all of us are in the choir room together. Its so hard to believe what’s happening very soon, but I’m also excited to start my life and make something of myself. 

I just wanted to take the time to say that all of you mean so much to me and I’ll never forget any of you.

Can’t wait to see your name in the big leagues, Rachel. Just be sure to send me and Q tickets to things since we won’t be that far away from you in NY since I know I won’t be forgetting you.